Danielle Miller speech and debate coaching


Podcast: Headstart

Get a headstart on your speech and debate season with the help of experts in debate theory, speech writing, and this year's NCFCA Team Policy resolution! Summer can be the most disorganized and confusing time of the year for any level of competitor as you try to tackle an overwhelming amount of resolutional information or speech ideas. Headstart can give you direction to use your time effectively this summer and acheive your goals next year!

Jadon Buzzard, CEO and head coach at Ethos Debate, dives deep into the question "what must the Affirmative do to win a policy debate?"

This first episode talks about how to rise to the next level of team policy debate over the summer: starting by taking a big picture view of debate as a whole. What seem to be nitty gritty rounds are often decided by big picture arguments about what winning a debate means in the first place.