Launch Camps

"I’ve done two different summer camps over the past two years and this one was by far the most helpful. Getting personal feedback on the 1AC from some of the best alumna of the NCFCA, I know, will definitely pay off for me and my partner in the long run. This camp was very helpful and has got me thinking big time about strategy regarding Team Policy debate. I definitely would recommend this camp. "

-William K., 3rd year TPer

"Attending a TP Launch camp was a fun and fruitful way for my club to start the competition season! Danielle and Clare provided detailed feedback on 1ACs, guided the teams through CX practice, and helped them brainstorm neg strategies that can be used on any case.  They drew on their extensive experience in debate to give the students excellent guidance on strategy and rhetoric.  All of the information in the lectures was well organized and clearly conveyed.  I highly recommend their coaching!" 

-Dr. Culp, Club Leader

"Since the camp was during the year, we could go over our cases, brainstorm NEG, and come up with CX routines that could easily be applied during competition. All in all, the sessions were very fun and helpful! I would definitely recommend it."

-Winifred C., 3rd year TPer

I will be running debate camps throughout the competitive season that are specifically geared toward launching you into your upcoming tournaments

Unlike a summer debate camp, these camps will be focused on your specific material as you do last-minute preparation. 

A Launch Camp will help you:

If you are interested in hosting a Launch Camp near you, please reach out to me at

About Danielle

Danielle Miller is an independent debate coach specializing in Team Policy debate and platform speeches. In 2021, she took second place in TP at NCFCA Nationals with her partner Clare Cey. She believes the keys to debate are creativity (in your own theories and strategies), truth (of your arguments), and empathy (for your judges). Currently, She is in her sophomore year at Baylor University, where she is studying Political Science, Philosophy, and History. At Baylor, she has won international awards in Model UN, and is now competing in Mock Trial. She writes for the Ethos sourcebook and helps run debate tournaments as an intern for the Coolidge Presidential Foundation.